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       传智慧创新 乘卓越品质 高效赢未来。
The country’s heavy weapon has a long history. Xinlong, who is at the forefront of technology, has built a world-class enterprise with the most value and creativity as its mission, and continues to surpass the new trend of the world construction machinery industry. 


Adhering to a sound development strategy, the company has now formed a regional development layout based on Ningbo and radiating the Yangtze River Delta. The accumulated development area has reached 1.5 million square meters. It has Lianyungang Zhulu Real Estate Co., Ltd., Yuyao Xinliang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Ningbo New Ze Business Management Co., Ltd., Wuxi Haitian Xinlong Real Estate Co., Ltd. and many other real estate related companies; completed Gaofeng New Village, Taoyuanli, Gangcheng Garden, Mingzhou Garden, Sun Park, Moon Court, Sunshine Apartment, Taihe Lijing, Blue Sky Apartment, Zhonghe Liyuan, Dongxiang Garden, Xinlong Huafu, Jasper Garden, New Mileage, Wuxi Haitian Zijun Garden, Lianyungang Haitian Liancheng and other residential projects. Xinlong's products always adhere to the quality of building home, from the customer's needs, to provide customers with comfortable, healthy, green, and beautiful living experience, products continue to be recognized and trusted by the local market. 
  Xinlong takes "create a beautiful life with heart" as its corporate mission, and implements the core values of "joining together, innovating and win-win", and creating a "good quality, good service, good operation" Sanhao real estate as its business philosophy. Explore the road to sustainable development and build a career platform for employees and partners to achieve self and realize their dreams. At the same time, in addition to business, Xinlong continues to give back to the society, actively participate in charitable public welfare undertakings, and practice social responsibility. 
  In the future, Xinlong is willing to take greater courage and confidence, move forward, break through innovation, continuously improve the comprehensive strength of real estate operations, and create more people's quality products and provide more professional operation services with the spirit of pragmatic and progressive pursuit of excellence. , Dedicated to doing the real estate under the new normal state of the Yangtze River Delta leading urban and rural construction integration operators! 

Create a better life with your heart